Hi, I'm Shimiiy

I'm a computer science student at SIT in Tokyo.

I also make 3D artworks as a hobby.

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Project Highlights

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Tailwind CSS

I wrote this website as a testimonial of my web design/coding skills.

In the future, I wish to utilise React's state system to the fullest, and sprinkle some 3DCG magic I learnt from my YouTube career for Shimiiy.dev.

Things I want to implement

  • Project database
  • Artwork database
  • Interactable 3D avatar in hero section
  • My own blog
  • Japanese support/日本語対応

This is the only project I've published at the moment! Expect more to come.

Artwork Highlights

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Sakura Monika

Publish Date: 2020/04/29

Made with:



My previous works were made solely on Source Filmmaker.

As university life started, I figured it was a good time to turn over a new leaf with my choice of 3DCG software.

And so, I made a poster using Blender's Cycle render engine.

The SSS(Sub-surface Scattering) could use some improvement, but overall it was a good practice of Blender.

Monika Model made by Moyonote

This is the only artwork I've published at the moment! Expect more to come.

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